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       Copper Beryllium Tools do not create sparks which guarantees safety in high explosive atmosphere.In addition to its explosion-proof proper-
       ties, the Cu-Be alloy is also anti-magnetic and highly corrosion resistant. This alloy is requested in various industries, such as:
       • Petrol and gas extraction, Refineries, petrochemicals, Pipeline maintenance
       • Energy production and transport
       • Chemical industry
       • Pharmaceutical Industry
       • Food industry : silo, mill, distillery, brewery
       • Wrapping, Plastic, painting, and solvent industries
       • Fire control
       • Manufacture and Storage of explosive products
       • Mining
       • Tank Inspection
       • Water Purification
       • Aerospatial industry
       • Railway
       • Naval Industry
       • Automotive industry
       • Medical imaging industry…

       • The grade of the alloy is Cu-Be 25, whose resistance properties (composition?) are greater than others grade of Cu-Be Alloy
       • Products quality is thoroughly inspected to insure non sparking properties and high corrosionresistance
       • Cu-Be Alloy is made by casting. Most of our tools are forged to increase alloy density for 30% positioning our the quality of
       our range among the best on the market

       • Beryllium bronze: Al-0.15%, Fe-0.15%, Ni: 0.2-0.4%, Ti: 0.1-0.25%, Be: 1.8-2%, Cu 96.45-96.8% and 0.6% impurities
       • Aluminum bronze: Al: 9-10%, Mn: 3-5%, Fe: 3-4%, Ni: 5%, Cu: 76-80%
       • Copper alloy: Al: 9%, Co: 8%, Ni: 2-3%, Cu: 80-81%
       • Tensile strenght: max 1250 N/mm 2

       • Those products are also anti magnetic
       • Those products have anti explosion features in explosive atmosphere (ATEX) of any risk level (permanent, frequent or oc-
       casional use), to gas (ATEX Zone 0 to 2, Category 1 to 3) or/and to dust (ATEX TYPE from 20 to 22). Concerning gas, the
       hotness of the tool must not exceed the ignition temperature of each of the gas
       • They are corrosion resistant (Salty air, tropical weather)
       • Warning: sparking tools are not antistatic and are conductors
       • Do not use in contact with Acetylène. Chemical reaction might occur

       Our products comply with EN 1127-1 5 (2008 Edition), EN 13463-1 (2007 edition) and EN 13463-5 standards

       Products are warranted for a 2 years period against defects in materials and workmanship and in condition of proper use.
       Owing to specific and intrinsic use of anti sparking tools, the break or misshapenness are not warranted, apart from evidence
       given that hardness is different from 280-365 Brinell or that chemical composition is different from the above description
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